Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Frock UP & PARTY

If you have had a day like me juggling everything from pre 7.00am cupcake baking & lunch box making to Contract Manufactures and Sourcing Fair Wrap Up reports whilst picking up/ dropping off /assembling race car tracks and doing the washing/cooking/bathing THEN this is for you.

Alexx from Luxury Tasting (founding guest on Table of Fabulousness) is creating an   a m a z i n g
'POP-UP" Christmas party for small biz people like us!! ie work from home, (aka no one to party with) may have kids, ambitious, want control without loosing style, love meeting like minded on.

Hope to see you there! Cindy x 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Congrats email from Slideshare!

So busy working ON my business with my little intern team i am neglecting sharing my blog. Apologies. 15 hrs pw has its ceiling, especially when you add the Fab Table!

This email just came in which i thought was pretty of those out of sight-out-of-mind-things. It references the sharing of my stuff online. 'awesome' SlideShare say.