Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In the MIX

goodfood oils for your lips:
- avocado oil to nourish
- sesame seed oil to protect
- castor seed oil to illuminate

wordpress made simple

I stumbled across this easy guide to creating your own wordpress site. I will swap this blog across soon as it frustrates me no end that i don't have live dropdowns/pages for 'pantry', delicious living etc to give my 'biz in the making' site some depth & balance and for me a place to store and reference my everyday living tools & lists (eg my kids 'what to pack for lunch list, weekend away pack out list, place to go with kids list!)

Anyway, here it is...

click here for link

still holiday time in my house!

I can't believe how long these school holidays go week I will be back to 'normality' with pre-school resuming monday & tuesday. In the meantime I do have my 'big wednesday' (child free for 6 hrs) BUT the kids are still here recovering from a full-on easter away with family & friends.

This morning I discovered the joy of listening to a podcast via my computer whilst spending a few hours in the laundry washing & ironing!!  How times have changed - my mother always talks about how she listened to the radio -  the first of the talk back shows back in the 60's.

Now I am addicted and will launch into some research to fill up my itunes with good I can listen whilst cooking & ironing. Mind you, it won't be all biz related.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Biz Plan - Sales & Marketing section added

It's short & sweet. See pages 67 to 79 by clicking this link.  click here for link to Google Docs to view live file.

Here is a taste of what's included......

15hrs & counting!

Eeeh. The weeks seem to be slipping by. Just taken stock and it is already nearing the end of April. I have a summer launch planned so i need to crank up.

We are in the middle of school holidays, my first experience and another new dimension to incorporate into biz planning. I entered the school year into my diary and BOY, there are lots of holidays where the little ones will be home more than they are now.  Hubby is starting to take "daddy's day" one day a week so if I can get that locked down then things are looking brighter. I can re-claim 8-10 luk day hrs pw.

I am doing some work in the background - I have just about finished applying for Trade Marks here in Oz, (blog to come later ) and I am 'playing' with my brand (luk beautifood) website backend (yes, I am creating from scratch).

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

myBiz plan - brand 'heart & soul' just added

After attending Kochie's biz boot camp last week I have been motivated to get this biz plan out the way so I can start working IN my biz rather than ON. The absolute opposite of where most small biz owners find themselves.  So, it is now written but for your enjoyment & time constraints(!) I am going to roll out section by section so that you can savour each part of the business!

I have just added "THE BRAND" slides - see ppt pages 46 to 63.   {NOW FIXED} click here for the link to google docs online . Below is a taste teaser!

Friday, April 8, 2011

biz plan update

I wrote most of the plan on wednesday but ran out of time to proof all the pages :(   however see attached for next 15 ppt page installement on The business. Luking good! Hope you like!
click here for link to google document to see live ppt

This pic is a taste of what I have written in my bp. You can also view it on 'my biz in the making' facebook page

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

looking sweet

A full child free day to wrap up my business plan!

A little motivation - Japanese chocolates and macaroons in Galleries Lafayette (Paris)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Backend bits & pieces!

And now that I've reached the stage of confirming what this little brand will do I better get a bit of backend admin done. (i know I'm still officially writing the business plan ...but sorry, this must happen now!)

1) Set up my business structure. My preferred structure is a Pty Ltd business so that I as an individual am separated from my biz. It gives me scope to grow and diversify. It has higher operating costs (eg Annual return - ASIC & tax) & I will be responsible for most liabilities. My company is called Luken & Co. Pty Ltd and is registered thru ASIC with me as the only shareholder. I've registered it's ABN.

2) ATO.  I've registered with the ATO to get an AUSkey to access the ATO online.  Wow - this is a load better than the old digital certificate access that took forever to organised.

3) Business Bank Account. I have also set up a company bank account with St George including online & mobile management. I have always personally banked with these guys and like what they do. My only problem is ....I have an Apple Mac and it is not liking Business Banking as apposed to Internet Banking! Guess I better crank up the HP just for .....banking. How bazaar!

at my kitchen bench

I know, I am in the middle of my business plan and suppose to follow a set procedure but I am afraid passion and desire have took over quite a while ago. What does that mean - well I have already been researching 'lipsticks' and whether or not they could be made from food starting with skin friendly oils such as avocado and sesame. As a food scientist, I just had to start experimenting....