Friday, January 28, 2011

couldn't help myself - wordpress

Had to have a look at wordpress to do my blog so I could add those entires to each page......wasted 3 hours last night. Will take me forever to learn how to use it. Not intuitive like google's blogger. Should have listened to myself!!! Good lesson

Thursday, January 27, 2011

not to plan, Jan!

Tres disappointed with a major facet of google blogspot.....after adding my pages (tabs) I discover just now that I can't add posts to them, only handles static information so need to re-think layout / how I use my kitchen bench (blog). Looks like i will have to do a website too as I don't want to swap to a Wordpress blog design as I like my google dashboard with gmail, picasa pics, webtools etc all together as it is easy and saves time.

Registered domain name in about 5mins for  12.99 euro via so will embark on creating that next. So there!!

why the name luk?

I have decided to call my business luk, the 3 letters come from surname, Luken. I feel that it has a lot to offer as it is:
1) Simple & memorable (tho a little hard to pronounce - ie luke or luck, but we will get round that, to me it means luck & I don't want a boys name. There should be 2 dots (oomlouts as my father is German) above the U but seeing we are not up to design stage yet, we will just make do. It is a popular Chinese surname so   maybe that will have relevance in future export sales.
2) Can be added to make it unique la luk, luk beautifood, my luk etc

When I get a bit further down the business startup track I will do a proper name/brand search in places such as these below but for now I want to give my business a name I can refer to.
- check web domain names.  eg search the name via
- check trademarks at IP Australia
- check business names index ( Covers entities and sole traders.

Obviously there is a difference between searching in Australia and overseas markets. The above is for Australia.

I have added 'by Cindy Luken' as my name has some credibility and awareness from the previous business I built and sold in Sydney....Luken & May Biscuits. This should help me establish 'luk by Cindy Luken' more easily.....I hope!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

creating 'my kitchen bench' blog design

I have been sitting here tonight working out how to create an inspiring log for my next business so you can share the highs and heartache involved in a startup.  It has taken just a few hours after dinner, sipping wine (an antidote for creativity and relaxation!) as I listen to ABC Classic FM - 92.9. The children and now hubby are sleeping peacefully and I am really quite happy with the results.

The hardest bits were
a)  working out how to add a toolbar with pages.....but I found a very useful 'blogger' who had the answer: see [copy & paste link if it doesn't go thru]
b) creating a welcome header with the picture & words positioned where I wanted them.......just DIY in a desktop program and upload the pic. The trick was making it the right size so that it positioned itself where i wanted it. Took 4 re-sizings!