table of fabulousness

The first Home Boardroom lunch will take place in my home on the lower nth shore in Sydney, 16th August 2011. The idea came about this month after i floated the idea with the followers of this blog & Facebook page. The 'Table of Fabulousness' as it has now become known is for small biz owners who work from home and are in startup or early stage and crave to meet IRL (In Real Life) with like minded people in a professional, yet warm & friendly place over lunch to discuss business in general, exchange ideas, receive support & feedback, share & just connect!

Formation to date has been fun and a real creative collaboration - it shaped itself within 10 days! 
  • Stephanie of suggests the spirit we should meet in is **100% confidentiality** ie what's said around the table of fabulousness STAYS at the table of fabulousness? 
  • Diana - startup - biz tbc, after 20 years in financial markets via a year off to complete her Masters suggests lunch guests provide me with a background profile to prepare the guest list. It's taken the shape of....

  1. About you: Your Name & contact details inc home address & your linked in address
  2. Biz: Who is the biz? What does it do? Who/what will it be? What stage are you at?
  3. Opportunity: why is there a market for your product? What is the potential?
  4. USP: What makes your product/biz unique?
  5. Income: How will/does it generate sales?
  6. Challenges: what are your key risks and how are/will they be managed?
  7. People: What experience and skills do you bring to this project?

  • RubyRuby Design - Bec Marr is creating us a little logo after donating her service to a QLD Flood Fundraisng Appeal that I 'won' in a silent auction.
3 lunches for 10 guests are planned so far, each taking place on the 2nd tuesday of:
August 2011 - full 
Sept 2011 - full
October 2011 - see here 
From 11.30am for apperitif (tx Alexx) & mixing, 12.30 sit down, 2.30pm finish [for kid collection from school!]

Everyone welcome, please go to the dedicated Virtual Table of Fabulousness  where there is a enquiry sign up.  

This is a snapshot of what is being created: