the egg timer!

Making time!

Being a 'modern mother' I have a few constraints with zero flexibility.

1) TIME available to work each week. 15 child free hours.

I can't stay in the office longer, or cancel a pickup appointment to get something finished, nor can I make calls when I have kids coming up and asking questions, come to think of it I can't think straight when they are about. Hubby is fabulous but he is out earning the main crust and canbe anywhere in Sydney or that matter Australia ...water or land.

Here is my key constraint to create-a-biz:
- Karl (4 years) is at traditional pre-school (no extended care available - I make the lunches) Mon, Tues & Wed.
- Ciara (3) is at Montessori Mon-Frid 12.30 to 3.30pm, no extended care or lunch!

I have a sitter Tuesday & Wednesday 8.30am to 12.30pm so I can create 2x 6hr 'chunks' of me-time!

This is my week & yes i do ALL the drop offs & pick ups:
  • Monday:      1.45min hrs free. between 12.45 & 2.30pm   
  • Tuesday:      6hrs free. 8.30pm to 2.30pm
  • Wednesday: 6hrs free. 8.30 to 2.30pm 
I can work at night (yawn) but the key is to create-a biz that will run profitably in 15hrs pw. And sometimes my hubby takes 'daddy day' on a friday but at the moment that is few & far between.

Because Ciara is in a 3 year programme I can't see it changing much til 2014!