Thursday, January 27, 2011

why the name luk?

I have decided to call my business luk, the 3 letters come from surname, Luken. I feel that it has a lot to offer as it is:
1) Simple & memorable (tho a little hard to pronounce - ie luke or luck, but we will get round that, to me it means luck & I don't want a boys name. There should be 2 dots (oomlouts as my father is German) above the U but seeing we are not up to design stage yet, we will just make do. It is a popular Chinese surname so   maybe that will have relevance in future export sales.
2) Can be added to make it unique la luk, luk beautifood, my luk etc

When I get a bit further down the business startup track I will do a proper name/brand search in places such as these below but for now I want to give my business a name I can refer to.
- check web domain names.  eg search the name via
- check trademarks at IP Australia
- check business names index ( Covers entities and sole traders.

Obviously there is a difference between searching in Australia and overseas markets. The above is for Australia.

I have added 'by Cindy Luken' as my name has some credibility and awareness from the previous business I built and sold in Sydney....Luken & May Biscuits. This should help me establish 'luk by Cindy Luken' more easily.....I hope!!

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