Wednesday, January 26, 2011

creating 'my kitchen bench' blog design

I have been sitting here tonight working out how to create an inspiring log for my next business so you can share the highs and heartache involved in a startup.  It has taken just a few hours after dinner, sipping wine (an antidote for creativity and relaxation!) as I listen to ABC Classic FM - 92.9. The children and now hubby are sleeping peacefully and I am really quite happy with the results.

The hardest bits were
a)  working out how to add a toolbar with pages.....but I found a very useful 'blogger' who had the answer: see [copy & paste link if it doesn't go thru]
b) creating a welcome header with the picture & words positioned where I wanted them.......just DIY in a desktop program and upload the pic. The trick was making it the right size so that it positioned itself where i wanted it. Took 4 re-sizings!

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