Wednesday, April 20, 2011

15hrs & counting!

Eeeh. The weeks seem to be slipping by. Just taken stock and it is already nearing the end of April. I have a summer launch planned so i need to crank up.

We are in the middle of school holidays, my first experience and another new dimension to incorporate into biz planning. I entered the school year into my diary and BOY, there are lots of holidays where the little ones will be home more than they are now.  Hubby is starting to take "daddy's day" one day a week so if I can get that locked down then things are looking brighter. I can re-claim 8-10 luk day hrs pw.

I am doing some work in the background - I have just about finished applying for Trade Marks here in Oz, (blog to come later ) and I am 'playing' with my brand (luk beautifood) website backend (yes, I am creating from scratch).

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