Monday, April 4, 2011

Backend bits & pieces!

And now that I've reached the stage of confirming what this little brand will do I better get a bit of backend admin done. (i know I'm still officially writing the business plan ...but sorry, this must happen now!)

1) Set up my business structure. My preferred structure is a Pty Ltd business so that I as an individual am separated from my biz. It gives me scope to grow and diversify. It has higher operating costs (eg Annual return - ASIC & tax) & I will be responsible for most liabilities. My company is called Luken & Co. Pty Ltd and is registered thru ASIC with me as the only shareholder. I've registered it's ABN.

2) ATO.  I've registered with the ATO to get an AUSkey to access the ATO online.  Wow - this is a load better than the old digital certificate access that took forever to organised.

3) Business Bank Account. I have also set up a company bank account with St George including online & mobile management. I have always personally banked with these guys and like what they do. My only problem is ....I have an Apple Mac and it is not liking Business Banking as apposed to Internet Banking! Guess I better crank up the HP just for .....banking. How bazaar!


Melinda Hills said...

Hi Cindy,
Try using firefox as a browser for the St George bus banking site, it might like it better than safari.

Cindyluk said...

thank you for tip. C