Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meeting Martha! Some simple take outs

Last monday I moved heaven and earth (& $) to listen to Martha talk about building her business and brand, this was to be followed by a brunch and pic. Well I got the pic (low on my list) but missed the brunch as we Oz landers could not muster 100 people. Like hello.....

Martha is an amazing global brand elevating all things domestic to iconic levels. She forged the "LIFESTYLE' industry.....decades before the Nigellas, home renno TV  shows and 'LIVING' magazines. Her products alone turn over $1b not to mention her 4 websites, 15 blogs, many Apps and media empire - her M.S Living magazine still has 2.3 million subscribers after 20 years, her first book Martha Entertaining has sold > 1 million copies!


- understands the woman - she elevated the homemaker out of drudgery. She showed 'her'  she could have a better life, everything she wanted. She could  have a career, entertain, garden, decorate, be handy ....everyone's home could be beautiful.

- knows what the woman 'NEEDS & WANTS'. She is always asking this question. They are the 2 most important words in her life & biz.

- & now they have been joined by WHERE.  Where does her customer want them to be? online, instore etc

- zigs when others zag. 2013 will see the opening of her first Martha walk in store within a store created by the wizard behind Apple's 300 world wide stores. Department stores need to create a consumer experience - her brand will do this.

- is a technology evangelist:  she sees & understands its power; the saving of time to do 'better' things.

- can "TEACH & INSPIRE" that's why her online products (websites, blogs, magazines, Apps (eg making cookies) work. Her material is glossy, beautiful, indexed, the recipes work, her hints help.

- understands the importance of MASS.

@ 70 (yes!) Martha's vision is to create a strong brand like Channel or Estee Lauder so the brand outlives her.

visit: martha's web site - portal to all her sites & stuff . Her life story is interesting to.....just google it!

Written from notes taken at "Unwrapping Genius" put on by The Growth Faculty, Sydney 12th Dec 2011

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