Monday, February 7, 2011

Made my kitchen bench @10.30!

Starting up a biz is harder than I seem to remember and its got nothing to do with the biz itself. It's running the I know why I love the term CHO - Chief Household Officer - well deserved title. I know every mother (or dad) does this but really: before 8.45am we manage to squeeze in: ironing (half basket), washing (1 load), milk in bed (kids) tea for me, book reading (to kids), shower, bed making (3), dress kids (& me), make play & big lunch (enviro friendly & health), sit down breakfast - clean up, teeth cleaning, face washing, hair brushing, pack bags, shoes on, find soft toy.......

Then it is the drop off  to separate places. First solo day for Ciara - tres clingy but OK after an hour - no tears on either part. Made it to my 'kitchen bench' at 10.30. Oh no, NO espresso machine having service after barging canals with us. HELP.

Definitely need practice. Only have 4 hours to work before pickup. BUT - what luxury 4 BIG FAT child free hours for me. Woohoo.

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