Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nutting it out - what do I want?

Since coming back from our ' family voyage' in November we have had a 'bit' to get sorted. Beside the obvious house unpacking, setting up communications, re-stocking the fridge/pantry & wine cupboard(!) and getting wheels we also had pro-active stuff such as income stream (hubby back to work), #1 (Karl - 4 yrs) enrolled in pre-school, & #2 (Ciara - 2.5 yrs) into 'play school', swimming lessons enrolment, and as of last week a caring, smart and flexible babysitter so we (hubby & I) could connect somewhere in the middle. ( has worked a treat for me twice now). 

So, I confess, Iast week I snuck out to my friend Rowie's serene abode for a 'work' day whilst Sarah engrossed the kidlets on a bush walk, reading & train building.  With a delicious aromatherapy candle burning and a divine T2 green tea to sip it was somewhat surreal experience. My soul purpose was to figure out WHAT DO I WANT next. Don't get me wrong I love my children and my life but there is only so much playdough & painting you can do and I can feel 'I'm getting snappy'  emerging! So a happy me = happy wife & happy mummy.

The results:

- having something of my own to grow and nurture (besides my children)
     - setting goals and acheiving them
     - being recognised for this (i know sounds big headed but it makes you feel good that someones appreciates what you do)
- having my own money and spending it with out guilt
- learning & growing and having something to talk about besides kids
- being creative
- time for me

- being happy all the time
- family time - relaxed time with kids & hubby 
- things being organised so it allows for
    - flexibility & spontaniety
- being healthy
- strong financial platform (no worries) + risk opportunity (sky's the limit)
- spending time with friends
- discoveries & experiences - new places, people, learnings 

to smile from within
to be passionate & energised to do things effortlessy (like i use to when I owned Luken & May)
to be a loving & caring mother, to be with my beautiful children at 4 days a week before they go to school
be a generous and loving wife who is fun and desires intimacy (with hubby!)
to spend time together as a family  
to be able to relax & be content
to contribute financially
an organised household (within reason!)
to eat & live healthy
flexibility with work & play - to be there when needed
to see & do new things and meet new people
have 'me time & space' & ditto for hubby to ensure we do activities that we love. eg sailing or yoga

Starting & running a small, flexible & high margin business that utilises technology and outsourcing (for manufacturing, virtual office & when needed logistics) coupled with being at home with the kids when not in pre-school whilst hubby works during the week! PHEW that's it. 


Maree said...

HI Cindy. Sounds like you have done quite a lot of 'soul searching', but from my experiences with you through college, if anyone is going to achieve it - you will!
Good "Luk"
x Maree

Cindyluk said...

Tx Maree. Yes re soul searching.....was starting to feel grouchy so knew I had to act as I am not pretty when grumpy!

Merci for the encouragement! Cx