Monday, February 7, 2011

starting to think about what my biz needs to do....

I have carried a piece of paper around with me since 1998 - it is part of a template by John Paul Getty for analysing business opportunities.

He says 'there are six points for business success'
  • a) be in business yourself
  • b) sell products that are in demand
  • c) give better service than your competitors
  • d) reward those who do the work
  • e) build your success on the success of others
He also says '4 things constitute the ideal business'
  • a) it makes money right away
  • b) it will develop a residual income
  • c) the business has room to expand
  • d) has access to goods and services with minimal stock holding
My aim is to create a business that will not only tick these boxes but others such as my 'style a life' needs - ie run on 15 child free hours pw, flexibiity. 


Sally Grellman said...

Hi Cindy,

I've just read through your blog to date. Many woman and mothers would relate to how you are feeling and I think you really could inspire many people with this blog. The content is interesting and useful. I find it fascinating watching you on your journey to another successful Business Venture. As a previous employee of yours - I know your passion, dedication and determination. Three key ingredients to happiness and success.

I'll be here to support you and I wait anxiously to see what's on the menu because my family and I still talk about those SENSATIONAL Passionfruit Butterbursts from L&M days....... Yummo!!!

I'll certainly be spreading the word and making sure people know about LUK by Cindy Luken.

Love Sal xo

Cindyluk said...

TX Sally. Glad you like. AS I'm so pressed for time, it is taking shape each time I do something. Can't wait til working on biz ideas inset of setup.