Thursday, September 8, 2011

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When i first set up this blog i created a few different topics to share information, to date i have not posted anything, to be honest i haven't because I don't want to turn into a computer junkie nor do i want my children to see me on the computer much. There is a world at our door step that is exciting to explore and experience and sometimes takes just a little more effort to do....

My first entry in delicious living is an exhibition i stumbled upon last week when i took Karl (my 4 year old) to one of his favourite places that he is always begging me to go to -  The Power House Museum in Sydney. Little Ciara (3) goes to a Montessori Pre-school 5 days a week from 12.30 -3.30 so Karl & I have 2h&45min on thursday & friday afternoons to do as we like...

Til April next year there is an Exhibition at the PHm called LOVE LACE - don't let the title distract you - it is really a stunningly beautiful sculpture exhibition worthy of a place in the State or National Gallery.

Here is the link to the site and a few screen grabs for you to get the feel and when you desire a creative space and somewhere for the kids to run on soft quiet carpet when it's wet out side (one if the reasons why I love to go there) ...go visit! Enjoy.

[BTW - the PHm is under serious renovation at the moment so a lot of stuff is closed - entry is around $10 pp 4+yrs  and don't forget to get your ticket stamped for $eriously reduced parking at the nearby station. Also, there is a cafe downstairs outside with kids playground...nothing fabulous but everything you need to make things easy and comfy and relaxed]

this one is for little car loving boys!
There are activities for children so do a bit of planning before going. We missed them but will be sure to go back and get hands on and creative.

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