Tuesday, September 20, 2011

taking shape - wonderous wordpress site

It's underway. I have the beginning of beautiful blog (& grey hair) in 4 hrs!

By launching the luk beautifood face book site i forced myself to start talking beautifood not biz, and to push myself even further I promised delish bites of beauty info in a ' daily juice'  newsletter. So I need to keep my promise and get some sort of platform up to do it. There is no way i am putting content into a FB site so a dedicated blog-style site is about to be created. Here's my approach:

1. 6 month ago. Looked at WordPress, set up free account, dabble, get totally frustrated, leave alone.
2.  Last night:
     a) read Karen's Build a little Biz newsletter. Go to ProBlogger review of how to boost your blog
         traffic by guest blogger by Issy Eyre of Fennel & Fern
     b) Check out her links. Get really really INSPIRED
     c) Fall in love with Fennel & Fern beautiful site. Dream of how can I do that for little or no spend
3.  Today: take a deep breath
    a) google 'magazine' style wordpress sites. Find Kriesi Corona (launched 10 days ago) site at  
        Themeforest in a few minutes thinking ....oooh maybe I will be really lucky.
    b) Play with site inc a few other versions. Really like what i see ....hmm which one.
    c) BUY  ($35) & download Corona as it is the newest template by this group. And i don't have time
        to waste.
    d) Start: watch video on WHAT TO DO!!! see fab but very fast no sound?  video tutorials
    e) Set up Web Hosting ($5 pm) with Crazy Domains as they have my registered domain names and
        it's in Oz.
    f) try and find the "one click button" they advertise to host my new WP theme.
    g) Get totally frustrated. have 2 lattes and a piece of toast.
    h) Make phone call to tech department of Crazy Domains. Woohoo. Test site set up in 2 mins
    i)  Go back to video instructions and follow........yippee, everything up and running to start
        formatting the site and loading data.  (in test version til I make another call to Crazy Domains)
4. Tonight:
     a) Start play with pages, menus, layouts, pictures, logo sizes, what i'll say....
     b) drink lots of Laphroaig whisky !
5. Tomorrow:
    keep working in my 6 hr kid free window.......fingers crossed i have something good-to-go!

taking shape!

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