Tuesday, October 4, 2011

back on deck

10 days away and the online world changes - doesn't really concern me besides the time I will waste re-learning how to make the most of it. Can already see that FB will be a very low priority this week, I have far more exciting things to do.....

1. Launch the beautiful cookbook INDULGE by Rowie Dillion where Gluten Free Food gets a Make-Over!!! www.rowiescakes.com.au It is sure to be a success, the recipes and photography are stunning. Not to mention the company she will keep in the HarperCollins stable...Donna Hay, Bill Granger!  Go girl. Feeling very honoured.

2. Keep working on my luk beautifood kitchen blog now that I have wrapped my head around how to use the Word Press Corona Template by Kreise. Whilst away and 'on the road' i doodled my way around copious pages of my notebook, can't wait to apply my thoughts, ideas and some content...and start working on design & copy for the 'Daily Juice' newsletter.  My 'kitchen' logo got designed too so i was quick to whip that one up last night. Very nice thanks Morganna. x

3. Most importantly - get over another packaging hurdle, we can't print exactly where we want the design to go on the stick so i am feeling very stymied. Glad i don't have an official launch date...I would be sacked by now. Sometimes it is nice to have an absolute deadline so that it HAS TO BE DONE NO MATTER WHAT. 

4. Ready myself for our next Table of Fabulousness - October 11th. Hmm, what to cook, discussion is easy - I just need to facilitate or rather time keep so everyones gets a share! Also need to sort out other tables as i have lots of 'newy's' that want to attend here in Sydney. 

5. CEO Round Table Dinner with Sara Lucas of Enrich me Melanie Kansil of Customer Underground and Stephanie Vilner of Party for a Cause .  I feel very grown up already - it is years since i have had a 'proper' business dinner (not counting our Tab of Fab lunches!) Really looking forward to meeting a couple of go-getting, biz savvy ladies. 

6. Prepare the detailed brief for Implementing Solve 360 CRM system into my hubby's business - that is  the easy bit, i fear teaching 5 'boaty' men to use it systematically as one weak link and the boat will sink. Well not quite but CRM systems are all about you guessed it ....using the system. 

7. Send out 12 little packages with a luk 'sample' lippy to my every 10th liker of luk beautifood FB page. 

In case you are wondering how i will tackle this IN the school holidays, the little ones are going to Nan Nans tomorrow for 2 nights of sleep over. The couple hr return drive will be bliss! WooHoo!

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