Sunday, October 9, 2011

COLLABORATING to create a PR data base

Is anyone interested in collaborating to pull together a HOT data base of MEDIA contacts in Australia (sydney focus first) suitable for LIFESTYLE - fashion, food, woman, home/garden, health & wellbeing + BUSINESS - corporates, sols/ SME, woman + SOCIETY across magazines, inserts, networks, papers, radio, TV, digital?

I will scope out the project (with your input) and manage an outsourced 'data dog' to create a database that will provide us with data in format to input into your own CRM.

This request is URGENT to assist a solo startup retain her market leadership by defending an aggressive launch in her space by a 'minted' competitor!

Thinking that collaboration can take part 2 ways for you to get a copy of the complete one-off data base. (ie you have maintain / update once received)

1. provision of your existing data in an IMPORT FORMAT (however much you have)
2. provision of a small fee ($100 max / depends on collaboration uptake) to share the cost of funding the data entry. (i need to get quotes on cost of job)

We all know the need to have a FAB PR data base but the cost of time or the list is too great if you are starting from scratch. Close media relationships really work - I built Luken & May Biscuits to $5mio pa (w/s gsv) in 5 years using aggressive in-house managed guerilla marketing techniques using a brilliant data base we built up over years. (went to pasture!)

Anyone in? What do you think?

Look forward to hearing from you ASAP - Tx Cindy


Matt B-Young said...

Hi Cindy

A clever idea, I'm interested.

Let me know if it's a go!

Kind regards


Matt B-Y matt((at))

Cindyluken said...

it's a go Matt - about 7 interested already

Gaynor Parke said...

Make that 8 Cindy I'm certainly interested.