Saturday, October 29, 2011

TOP 10. wrap-up of the week

I loved my week.... but it just reinforces how determined you need to be to be a master of your own destiny and make it happen. So what did happen?

1. Intern Fruition! I have had over 25 application for my position i posted last week, the quality of the application is beyond belief. Smart, happy, keen, talented mostly ladies willing to gain experience to move forward. My first is starting on Tuesday, a second on wednesday, with several more in the pipeline if required. An instant team - woohoo, people to talk to, create with, share dreams with.... be motivated by and 'teach'. People really do make the world go round.....when you work at home by yourself it is a team & support environment you miss most, that's why you have to build one...but not loose your flexibility, and space. They working tues / wed when i do.

2. Breakfast Outing: I went to The American Club on tuesday to hear Naomi from Red Balloons speak,......huge effort, got into the city at 7.30am (don't forget i have a 3&4 year old and hubby who is out the door at 7am) . Liana who is on the Table of Fabulousness had organised the event (does the clubs mktg 2 days a week) and had spoken about it being a great place to join - to work form (full office facilities), meet like minded, have meetings. What a fabulous spot with views over the Botanical Gardens and down the harbour....for <$1000 pa and benefits thrown in such as gym membership it would make a great PT office. It's conservative but very smart, well equipped and professional. But I don't think my new little team & I can move it.....bummer!

Whilst there I met Yolander Vega (CEO) from the Australia Woman's Chamber of Commerce  and Industry. She has organised a VIP survey for woman in business...please take 10mins of your time to do if you are in business.

3. Out & About: - met my long term friend Jane over a lunch (Spice Temple - delicious) who inspired and introduced me to the world of beauty, she has been living & working in American for the last 5 + years, it was so good to talk business, babies and beauty. I miss you so much...please come back.

4. Open Shed launch - Lisa Fox, another Table of Fab lady launched her biz Open Shed helping to bring the collaborative consumption movement to Australia. A dissatisfied lawyer turned entrepreneur has everything you need to make it work. Vision (great idea), determination, enthusiasm...  go see   and list your items that are sitting around your house and could be used. It was a fab night atop a city building (borrowed) with great cocktails (donated - Alexx and savvy social App rating stuff by Melanie of  Boom Vox from Customers Underground.  Very inspiring.

5. Christmas Party Invite: arrived in my IN-BOX so that we solopreneurs - early stage & start up can frock up and party in the city together at a tres special event with like minded & partners.  OMG ...i won't be at home celebrating by-my-self anymore. MORE LATER on this fab idea.

6. Table of Fabulousness - the little idea that sprouted out of need to meet like-minded is creating it's own wonderful energy.... i don't have time to manage what it is turning into but we are getting so much benefit something will happen! It is my FabTAb ladies that make me feel so good because they are there to provide feedback, create shortcuts, intro you to other great ladies and events and keep you buzzing on business.  There is now a Newcastle Table and Melbourne Table, the First Sydney Table has been closed (first 20 mix n'match),  the 'Second Sydney Table' will happen early next year. For info....go the our temporary online home

7. CMS (contact management system) - I know, this has been going on for what seems like ages now, but I am sooooo determined to organise and set up a streamlined system so information (contacts, files, conversations, pics, correspondence inc emails IN & OUT, subscriber mail outs from all devices & mediums) is at my (& my new little teams) fingertips no matter where we are.

I am overwhelmed by the number of people i am meeting (& will in the future seeing i have cut the middle men out of my supply chain), the email flow, facebook & twitter comments, messaging, subscribers etc so trying to stay on top of content, connection, opportunities is paramount ...I want to work SMARTER not LONGER.  Finally I have my 'shared' calendar and emails & tasks & files & most conversations & meetings & phone calls etc tied back to each e-contact card with all linkages (www, FB, twitter, what they do, where i met, categorisation etc for that person) instantly accessible....  And i can search, group and all these contacts (classified into subscribers, contacts, vendors opportunities, friends, PR etc) any which way I like, send group emails with personalised fields and in general, feel very organised. I have to say my Task list is looking very organised (not because i have done everything but because i know what i have to do!!)

 I still have a LOT of work to do out how to run team projects online, mail merge with documents in the cloud but it will be good enough for when my little team starts next week because we will be on the same page going in the same direction and not wasting time. Oh i do love this ..oh-so-affordable & accessible technology.

BTW - i am using Google Apps (business gmail & calendar, Solve360 other integrated Add-ons)

contact snap shot from Solve 360 

8. Collaborative PR Data Base - Again, I am overwhelmed by the support this 'online' world of business connections provides. I have numerous amazing lists of media contacts provided by collaborators - it will start taking shape (in the CMS system!!) next week with the arrival of first intern. This list is beyond anything i ever had at Luken & May ...and we were pretty good at PR/guerilla marketing!!!

9. Family Fun - we have been busy at home too making halloween pumpkins, planting tomatoes, snow peas and lettuce and falling out of trees!!

10. I have written too much already. Have a great weekend and apologies for breaking every rule in the blogging hand book with this post...but it is better than nothing!!!

ps - AND i finally got an iPad. Not that i have turned it on yet. Came via an online contact Lisa Messenger (custom publishers) who had a brand new (in box) one for sale for $500 v's $949 (3G 64gb)


Kathryn Mayne said...

WOW Cindy what a week, so many achievements, celebrations and connections...oh and vege planting.
Love reading it. Kathryn x

Jen Brown said...

That is a HUGE week!

So pleased that you have found multiple interns to help you out. It is amazing how generous people can be when you ask for help

Looking forward to seeing you again at the ToF Christmas lunch!

J x