Thursday, October 20, 2011

Intern or 'work experience' position: learn hands-on how to run a small natural beauty biz!

Noticed my lack of posts? I am admitting I don't have enough time to cram everything into a 15hr working week when i keep mentoring new start up businesses AND accidentally create something called the Table of Fabulousness AND have to keep my word by sticking to a skinny startup budget AND take holidays with hubby & kids..... so, I need to "Supercharge" (tx Lee) my biz.

I'm thinking I have a lot to GIVE and SHARE on setting up and running a small business (solo/SME/pre kids and with kids) and you might like in exchange or know someone that would love to work FOC with me for a few months or on a project basis as an 'intern' or assistant to learn and get to top gear fast. If you've been in the corporate world with lots of departmental support (ie not jack of all trades) or away from the workforce for a while and don't know the ropes or want to work in the natural beauty industry then this could be ideal.

I am offering a chair & desk in my dedicated and tres comfy home office &/or virtual office if you can join me on a Tuesday &/or Wednesday working from 9.00 til 2.30 (kids hrs) on Sydney's lower north shore. BYO laptop. I have have everything else inc espresso machine! Alternatively, depending on the project and stage there -of, you can work virtually and we link up via skype. I write and give great references///providing you fit the bill! Start is asap.

There are a couple of the projects I have WIP at the moment:

1. making the business quick & nimble and positioned to run from the top of a mountain to cruising the high seas: this involves setting up an integrated CRM system to capture contacts from social media, PR, sales prospects, vendors and ensuring all components are in place - online file storage, template documents, task work-flow templates, mail merge systems (for letters, labels etc), newsletter templates, auto-responses. etc. Writing a simple manual to ensure correct ongoing use. The research on what tools to use is done, a tech support guru is available, it just getting it up and operating that's key.

2. Setting up PR: helping me pull together the data base (90% contacts on hand but need sorting & checking) designing and preparing the kit, targeting media, writing.

3. Beautifood blog: assisting me with recipe development, food profiles, nutrition and ingredient research, food styling, photography & videoing. Creation of newsletter and writing of copy for the Wordpress pages & forward posts.

4. Product development - of new cosmetic lines. Preparation of briefs, sourcing packaging & manufacturers, product specs, etc

The skill set is varied so it may take a couple of you to cover the current projects or one of you may like to multi-task and give it a go.  If you are interested contact me via email with why you want to work for luk beautifood / me and your experience or what you bring to the table.

I look forward to hearing from you. :)

Cindy (Luken)

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