Wednesday, September 7, 2011

good-to-go: product sign off

ooh-la-la. Getting closer to setting my brand's launch date after doing some pretty serious sign offs on product today. Big tick items were:

1. Sign off on lippy product costings - production/fill cost
2. Sign off on lippy formulation - base, flavours and shades
3. +ve test results from lab - 3 months with revised packaging
4. Re-designed artwork submitted for test print & production mockup of packaging

I am trying to get the message and words right to describe my product and have had the camera out for weeks bringing ideas to life. My pin board is covered in brochure mockup designs. These are some of the shots from my creative moments..... the kids are (NOT) in the background!

Tho it is good news with all those key sign offs I must dust off my corporate sales hat to bag some chunky sales offline (nooooo not retail - too many hurdles and deadlines for not much margin - aka bankable $$) to get the oils wheeled. By that I mean I want to pre-sell 10K (10,000 units would be REALLY nice tx) to take a big bite out of startup packaging stock requirements. Pre-selling before I buy packaging (my design custom made in Asia) and go to production (out sourced here in beautiful Australia using gorgeous ingredients) means I am not tying up my funds but using someone else's to cashflow my biz.

I am envisaging sales online (my biz model) will take time to build (no I don't have a 20+K subscriber list but would love one if anyone has a creative collaborative idea!!) and the quantity and rate of sales is a relatively 'unknown' so by doing this I reduce risk and as a consequence launch STRESS.....thus keeping me and therefore family happy!

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