Tuesday, August 23, 2011

back to core business!

It has been a great couple of weeks but when you work <15hrs a week and ideas outside of your core biz gathers momentum it sure take you off your path. Good lesson but lesson well learned and that is:
- there is a need for home based biz owners to meet in person on an intimate level to share, connect & learn.
- when you are active online doing something that people need/love, your numbers move. I know it is obvious but i saw the power of it which motivates me for the launch of my real biz - luk beautifood. This site/s are my experimental table, where i research, test and implement not to mention meet like-minded people, open doors and get insights into what I didn't know existed.

So today & tomorrow in my 6 hrs is all about getting my sales tool kit finalised so I can do those vital trade presentation to 'catch up big fish' to cash roll my starting stock for online consumer sales! Confused ....see my biz plan via slideshare on the RHS of this blog.

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