Monday, August 1, 2011

Launch - The home boardroom lunch

After some very positive feedback to the idea of a 'home boardroom lunch' where home based startup & early stage biz owners can meet 'informally' in a private dining experience to connect with smart & savvy like-minded ....we are GOOD-TO-GO!  3 spots still open.

Date: 16th August
Time: 11.30 for 12.30 sit down, finish by 2.00pm (to cater for kid collection)
Place: address details will be emailed once profile form is returned to me.
Guests: Shortlisted so far from interest shown. Best in first dressed. There is room for 10.
1. Caroline Jewell (from Melbourne) Startup biz - food product CANCELLED (hubby away!!)
2. Kirralee Baker - early stage biz ( confirmed profile rec.
3. Alexx Swainton Stuart: Confirmed early stage biz: (Luxury Tastings - profile rec.
4. Melinda Hills - Early stage biz: online learning & training consultant confirmed
5. Diana Corlette - Startup - biz proposition confirmed
6. Liana (confirmed)  - early stage startup (
7. Sonja Firth- (confirmed) - early stage biz (Verve business support - ) profile rec
8. Lesley Lees: Biz startup. Commercial / Industrial Waste On-line Trading Confirmed profile rec
9. open
10. Me confirmed!

I would like all guests to send me a brief profile on yourself and your biz (<1 page) which i will use to facilitate the 'lunch meeting'. I understand if you don't want to share some points but i think it is a great little grounder & if not forwarded to me in total should be shared on the day [Thanks Diana for ideas :)] 

Your Name & contact details inc home address & your linked in address:
Biz: Who are you? What do you do? Who will you be? What stage are you at?
Opportunity: why is there a market for your product? What is the potential?
USP: What makes your product/biz unique?
Income: How will/does it generate sales?
Challenges: what are your key risks and how are/will they be managed?
People: What experience and skills do you bring to this project?

If you can't make this lunch and are interesting in future ones, please let me know via this blog and drop me a brief profile by email. I will look at running one per month, say the second Tuesday of each month. This first one will be FOC - you are my guests, I'll see how it goes from there. 

I really look forward to hearing from you, and please think of anyone else you that maybe interested in what we are doing & is interesting!

Bon Appetite!

PS - Alexx I will be in contact re cocktails 
PSS - does anyone need a sitter?
PSSS - Melinda, hey, I might take you up on the offer to help prep!!


Kirralee Baker said...

Hi Cindy
Sorry I just checked back on your blog today to see if any developments and it's all happening! I'll be there on the 16th. Fantastic! Thank you. I'll get onto Shae too. And fill out the questionnaire. Well done! Love to see someone having an idea and running with it!

Cindyluken said...

Caroline from Melbourne just emailed me - she can't make it to #1 or #2 lunch now as hubby will be away. A shame - she had a great biz idea and would have been a lovely lady to have at our first table. Fingers crossed for October Caroline. Cx