Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Design brief to RubyRuby Design for Table of Fabulousness!

Kids are in bed! Dinner is ready & I have 10 mins to squeeze in post before relaxing for the evening - i know I have been sucked in by MasterChef (it is my first series viewing tho!). I should be folding clothes but that has no draw-card!!

Earlier in year I made a couple of 'purchase donations' to a fantastically organised QLD Funding Flood Appeal by Hand Made Kids & Rudy & The DoDo where they raised close on $20K. I 'won' the silent auction bid kindly donated by Bec Marr of RubyRuby Design. (bid link)

I am now using that donation 'win' to create a logo so that the 'Table of Fabulousness - the home boardroom Lunch for small biz owners' can be brought to life.

Bec received her brief this afternoon and loved it. (link to brief) or see slideshare on RHS. This is what she had to say.

Hi Cindy,

Jeez, I loved reading that brief! What an excellent idea. Having been to a few mummy events, and talking to other work at home mum's I think this is something that is desperately needed. I am part of a similar group, all though we are online and have never meet in person - but we have all gained so much through our connections on a personal and professional front.

And yes, of course, please feel free to show our correspondence. Leave me a link and I can can post it on my Facebook page too if you like?

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  Bec Marr
  Graphic Designer

  Ruby Ruby Designs
  Boutique Graphic Design
  0422 251 900

So - stay tuned for the first designs! 


Melinda said...

Loving it Cindy!

Anonymous said...


Been reading your blog since your ABN appearance, but finally got 'round to downloading your "business plan". Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing.
I have a pragmatic estimate 10K units pre-sold....that seems like alot??
From your industry information - was this inside information or did you use a supplier such as IBIS?

Can't wait to see your range...I loved Napolean's "goddess sands" gloss (which they took off the market), Poppy's 1990's collections which failed....and I was also (clearly) one of the only people to love New Coke so possibly don't include me in your market testing as I must be a fringe dweller of consumer items.


Cindyluken said...

HI Kate, Glad you dropped by. Love your questions & comments. We'll just forget the bit about your product association & brand performance!!!!

In regards to my target numbers they are not based on industry info so much as a few 'common sense' facts / needs / sales goals:
1. We all know that 10's of thousands of lippies are consumed per year so 10K as a startup number not unrealistic.
2. The BHAG so to speak is to find where the upfront "chunky" sale/s versus the initial much slower one by one online consumer sales of luk product is.
3. I know that:
- the corporate gifting market is strong at season times of the years
- 4& 5 star hotels/spas need a product like mine
- airlines move volume
- customers like a solution - ie ready-branded product idea.
- retail too much work / timing pressure for launch year.
4. My market entry strategy is to get on the road and target accounts such as the above to bring a BIG one onboard to get the wheels oils. ie fund cashflow of minimum production volumes on packaging and production. In other words, i get the big sale and tack my consumer branded product onto the end of production so that i can build luk sales gradually at a low risk / stock holding cost and ensure that my range stays fresh / turns over.

It is a risk but i have loads of faith in the product because it is so unique & I have the foodie & science experience & expertise to make it work. And to be honest, once i get on the road and start getting feedback & building relationships I will see if my intuition works....that is what will give me confidence in numbers! C