Monday, August 1, 2011

e-marketing with Aweber - first embedded form & follow up process accomplished!

After a little 'stimulating brain activity' in front of TV on the weekend I set up my first subscription template with Aweber. I was able to embed it into my website & onto a luk beautifood Facebook page that is slowly taking shape.

The challenge was working out what the various components of an email marketing campaign were and where they actually fitted in to the information flow not to mention how to tailor forms (colour, drop down boxes, size, etc) & the various pieces of communication. Once I spent a bit of time in the Aweber site and worked out I needed to create my own graphics with copy as a file then import them I (& find out where I do that) then I was home and hose.  When i get time i will watch some of their how to videos.

It's not perfect but hey, it's good to go. And as you find once you subscribe to something there is a regular dispatch of material....all the goodies are built in to do that at premeditated times, to specific subgroups etc. And of course i can make as many forms and subscribers lists as i want to.

Anyway, this is what the set up looks like at the various stages.

1. Form embeded into website hassle free.

2. Same form embedded into Facebook Page with easy instructions

 3.  Message / audio pops up post filling in form. Can't personalise layout / look other than popping in logo.

4.  Privacy policy built in 

5. Confirmation of subscription - can't make this one pretty but can personalise copy.

6. After clicking on confirmation link you get this. Can't tailor it any more than logo in this spot, subscription name & link to website. (maybe i could make the logo  - a logo + pic?)

7.  Success email then sent - you can personalise or use template. I created a jpg file with copy & pic and uploaded it as i could not work out how to positions pics / wrap text individually that looked good.

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David said...

I have been using aweber and I think they do a fine job, thanks for mentioning the Facebook app in your Post Cindy, I have now addd that to my FB page.

cheers, Dave