Thursday, August 11, 2011

thoughts + 24 hrs in Paris

Tony (hubby) is taking a spontaneous 'daddy' day tomorrow, I am already packing things up ready to 'disappear' into the world of luk (don't know where i will hide out yet but am sure to find a friends empty house somewhere close!) and I am guessing I won't come home til the kids are in pj's ready for me to read them a book!  I can't believe the thought of 12hrs of 'me time' brings so much joy....what luxury!

With luk's launch on track for year end I have lashed out on a cleaner as i can't stand NEVER getting the house clean and tidy from end to end: it is really doing my head in. I have been married for nearly 20 years and we always had one (both busy in own businesses and making the most of life) but after coming back from 18 months away we needed to get back on top of thing$ (not to mention having the guilt trip about being a stay-at-home-mum).  I am treating it as an investment in personal & business development and feel better already!

When i first started this blog I planned to write & share lots of things outside of business - ideas on 'sweet living', tips on things to do with kids, places to go, inspiring trips, recipe that are great for mid week meals, all those sorts of things, however I am afraid it has not happened so I will endeavour in the next few weeks to start to balance this 'blog' out for you & me!

With this in mind I have been looking through some photo's and would like to share this very special photo-album of the 24hrs I spent in Paris with my dear old 'Uncle' Joe. It is memories like these, where you pause and create something spontaneously very special (& have the opportunity) that brings a smile to your lips for the rest of your life. Giving is one of the great gifts in the world.

[as 87 years young, my uncle flew from Adelaide to Paris and spent a month with us on our barge in the country side before we had a 3hr TGV trip to Paris, arriving mid afternoon. We had 24 hrs in Paris to fit in as much as we could before I popped him on the plane back to OZ. He had not been to Paris on 50 years and we both new this would be his last visit we made the most of it! ]

24 hours in Paris


Stephanie said...

just lovely!
Joe will have a fab memory, and so will you! Here I am, debating taking my 76 y.o. Dad from Sydney to Melbourne to view old haunts, it's hardly 87 and Adelaide-Paris!

What memories this brings, as an impoverished student, I wandered these spots many a time, multiple visits in my 6 mths to Pompidou, Galeriess Lafayette, Louvres....really must get back there sometime soon!

Cindyluken said...

So glad you enjoyed the wanderings & bet i know which way the 'Sydney - Melbourne' debate went! Hope you make it a special time with your dad too.

(BTW - I was feeling a bit funning about popping this experience online to share with strangers but that has disappeared now that i know you enjoyed your walk down memory lane)

Maggie said...

Hello Cindy,

Oh my goodness! You have no idea how hard I was trying to look for you. You have always been my inspiration but I am not sure if you remembered me, I had a spent a few months working for you when you first sold L&M to SA.

I really like to be in contact with you, so will you be kind enough to call me on 0414538381 to let me know how you are doing.

XX Maggie

Maggie said...

Hi Cindy,

How lovely to hear your voice! I know what busy mums are like, I am one myself!

Apologies, in my sheer excitement of receiving your voicemail, I have accidentally deleted it! Will you sms me your contact details again (completely embarassed in asking!)

XX Maggie