Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I should be so happy today as i have the next 5.5hrs ahead of me for working on luk (& ditto tomorrow) but i am seriously lacking my normal energy. It take so much to get the house and kids organised just  to have those few precious hours (whilst staying calm & teaching them to do things for themselves)...on top that hubby has been away the last 2 weekends and working til all hours in between. My biggest challenge comes with working from home as seriously I can't ESCAPE when the sitter comes back with Ciara after dropping off Karl as she WANTS me. (yes - they go do activities but still comes back here late morning)

Big deep breath...they have all just walked out the door (hubby 3 hrs earlier!), think i'll emerge and make a latte, put on some 'spa' music and start again with a happy smile on my face. This should be  good session, I plan to work on my sales presentation kit so i can get on the road in a few weeks and sell those first 10K units to trade to get the ball rolling. To fill in where I am at.... stability /compatibility testing on the new lippy packaging is going well so I have good reason to slowly start pulling things together! 


melinda said...

Wishing you a great productive day! (and a nice latte)

Natalie D said...

I have those days as well. My regular babysitter (ie My Mum) has not been well so trying to keep the energy up to work and keep one eye on my toddler has been a challenge.
I keep reminding myself why I am doing this and at times that helps.
Good luck, hope the day is productive for you.