Wednesday, May 25, 2011

briefs + building my external team.

Head down, tail up writing briefs today for a new product, new packaging (range #2) & new accountant or to use the right biz term - an outsourced CFO!
Tho i have prepared all my figures/spreadsheets, biz plan and model I need someone who is an expert to identify the weakness, find more opportunities and keep me on track, & introduce me to the right people & services. It feels good working on the backend.  I have been reading and listening to Marc Peskett (partner via and like what he says. Down side - his firm is Melbourne based.... not sure this is an issue in this day and age with SKYPE, online 'gotomeetings', shareslide/google docs and cloud accounting so readily available.

pretty little pots for warmer days...?
There is some creativity happening too -  I have a beautiful mood board taking shape for the new range. Love visuals to create a brief inspires me. 


The Professional Commuicator's Coach said...

Awesome mood board - don't visuals help with getting a sense of where you are going!

Cindyluk said...

Hi - just saw this. They sure do!