Sunday, May 29, 2011

Streamline & automate your biz (whilst ironing): Multi-tasking at its best!

Any body hate ironing as much as I do? I've worked out how to make it more pleasurable (if there is such a thing) Listen to a podcast on a subject such as 'automating your small business'. Yes you still get interrupted by the little ones and have 50 attempts at listening but hey your pause button is worth a $million.

I have never heard of these guys - Brandon & Matt (US), they run a 40-45min session and once they get over some waffle in the first episode, THEY ARE FANTASTIC.

Here is the link to Automate my Small Business. I have landed you directly on their podcast page. Scroll to the bottom and listen from the start episode #1 til you get the feel for them. They encourage free sharing so ENJOY.

(Ms ironing lady is top of my list for first recruit when luk beautifood is launched; oh how I have missed her since being an @ home 'mum')

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