Monday, May 30, 2011

Swapped to Slideshare from Google Docs

Thought I would swap to using SlideShare for my online document storage as:
-  there seems to be no community on Google Docs and,
-  since communicating with people 'in the real world' everyone is using it +
-  I always end up there when hunting down templates etc.

Took 10 mins to setup (looks and feels great; still more to do to optimise share) - I popped a widget/link into this blog (see column on RHS) in 2 secs. However, way too big, tried to reduce in the code but beyond my brainsmarts. Not wasting time sorting it out - so really sorry for the ugly look. :) 


Dave said...

Hi Cindy, maybe there are options for diff size widgets. The source code for your page shows this at line 865 [object type='application/x-shockwave-flash' data='' width='180' height='725'] telling the widget to be 725 high.
ps . whats the best email to get you on, please email me at

cheers, Dave

Cindyluk said...

tx dave. Will email you.