Monday, May 16, 2011


Woke to 2 sick kids - so my plans for my 5hr kid free day have gone out the window. Guess that just re-inforces why I am doing this 'Style - a - life" (more like family!) business.

Things have been progressing OK over the last few weeks. On the positive side - several people have contacted (off the online pages) & me and told me how much they love what I am doing - woohoo.

On the negative side - it seems the lab is full till July / August so I can't get final stage work done on my lippy range which means it will be tight for a Summer launch. My manufacturer is really sorry as they are down staff in a specialised area so it not easy to fill the position.

Saying this - it will make me work on a solution. a) Good enough is close enough....and start now on my presell strategy. b) seek a second contract manufacturer & a launch with a different range c) or go with the flow! 

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