Tuesday, May 17, 2011

feels like Christmas - I can allocate posts to a page!

As i have mentioned previously I have been struggling with creating a Wordpress blog - I don't care what anyone says it is not intuitive like a blogger or anything apple or even a ppt presso.  Yes I am experimenting (even bought the Premium Linen $68 template to get a clean. stylish. look) and after many an hour 'doodling' whilst watching TV (The wedding, Q&A etc) I have finally got the gist except for allocating posts to pages.

After searching WP help, WP forum, U-Tube, Google I gave in and used what people think is probably the 'norm'...ie ask HOW to in a WP forum. And guess what - I got an answer in a couple of days so can't wait to experiment one evening.

So, if you are building a WP blog from scratch, this maybe of use to you...
to file posts against a page in the menu


David said...

Hey Cindy, I have been working with wordpress for 7 months , contact me direct if you need any help and I shall if I can , cheers Dave

Cindyluk said...

love to dave. am swamped at mo but would love to skype with you where we share my desktop!