Saturday, July 16, 2011

creating inhouse promotional material

I mentioned a little while ago that i wanted to find a free desk top publishing programming similar to Adobe Illustrator or In Design. I want to create some brochures & flyers and don't want to use a Mac Pages or MS Word doc to create them as I want some features such as kerning (spread your letters), more sophisticated image manipulation and have the ability to 'layer' the design.

After 20 minutes online, I have worked out several exist and are known as "open source" programmes. The one that looked best for me is known as 'Scribus'. I went to and downloaded the 140meg file, installed it on my Mac, added something called ghostscript, and started to using it pretty soon thereafter. I have had a few goes in Adobe Illustrator and therefore had a bit of a feel on how it was going to work but never less found some tutorials on line to get me started. See Show me do - Dai.

Woohoo. Am impressed!!