Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Google Apps for biz email/using own Domain

I mentioned earlier that I wanted to set up my business email on my laptop via Apple Mail (or if you are a PC user Outlook)

One of the easiest ways (with bells and whistles) is to use Gmail for business via something known as Google Apps which allows you to use your own domain name.

You just follow Google's instructions and within minutes (after you set up your account)  you can set it up on your laptop and mobile phone so you don't have to do all that logging in & out stuff. 

Explore here:  click thru to Google Apps  and them small business.    It costs $5 pm per user 

NOTE: I already my own domain (luk beautifood.com) but needed a bit of outside IT help to prove I owned it as it was wrapped up via Webeden my online web builder to a 3rd party provider..la la la..it all got too much)

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