Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Week 2, Term 3 of pre-school and into my first 6 child free (nearly) day ahead of me after 2 months of disruption (sickness, school hols, no sitter, no day care / swap to pre-school). Having a  'nanny' 2 to 3 mornings pw will mean that I will have back my 15 hrs during the week. WooHoo.

My week now looks something like this...not that you can read it! But the point is I need to keep re- organising our family as things change so that we can do the things we need and want to do. I'd love to just cruise....but I admit, I am born to set goals!! And tho I am doing this biz part time, i use my e-diary on my computer and sync it in with my phone and little alarm bells keep going off....the kids are learning...it's time to go to pre-school or swimming or (mummy needs to work) etc and it alerts me as i don't wear a watch any more and sometimes 'events' such as kids photo's at pre-school (eee today!) or a PC meeting (tonight...another eeee need to do fundraising report) can slip by!!!

Sorry for talking 'me" but I thought it may help you take the step and see how others 'get organised'


Nadya said...

Hi Cindy
I have just found your blog etc - LOVE it! All sounds so familiar trying to fit in 2 days of work with young kids and everything that goes with it. Well done. I love what you are doing.
PS. I love iCal, then I hate it, then I love it, then I hate it... then.... OK I'll give it another go.

Cindyluk said...

Hi Nadya,
Glad you found me, noticed you popped by FB page too. Welcome! It's all a bit rambling but I just share what i am doing to inspire and connect with those that enjoy creating and owning their own business.... and along the way hopefully build my profile (for PR) and prospects (to buy) and advocats (to share) how good my lippies will be! Not to mention trying to work out how all this online world works....boy things changed in the last 8 years!
Do you have a biz too? Let me know if you do (& if you are in sydney) as you might like to come along to the 'home boardroom lunch" that i want to pull together!

BTW I'm sticking with iCal as it is doing me fine as a solo operator but have been told to swap to Google Apps and use all their bells and whistles that came with my email setup but....don't have time to look!!



Nadya said...

Hey Cindy
I would love to come to the boardroom lunch - it is exactly what I want - but i'm not in Sydney :( I'll have a cocktail on the day and think of you guys! Yes, I have a biz. I'll send more details via FB or email. (I'm also trying to get a grip on the online world!).
Thanks for your reply - look forward to chatting biz stuff soon.