Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stats - behind the scenes

Thought you may like know what the results of the ABN In her Shoes review did to the numbers on my blog.  Firstly I posted it on to the luk by Cindy Luken Facebook page ( & personal page - friends only) & the status section of Linked in & StartupSmart and my Twitter went out via the FB page listing.

ABN have over 12000 members and promote their activities extensively via social media such as FB, Twitter, blog, email newsletters  etc. When the e-news landed in my inbox I quickly joined as a Startup members to assist the process.

There were 300 hits on my blog day 1, yesterday a 100 and today just a few. These are the screen shots. I used 'all time" as the date period which means 6 months but you can see key dates within that.

If we look at the facebook page...there has been a bit of activity there too. Hard to make heads or tails of it. 10 'likers' joined, monthly users jumped by 50, they love photo's and are aged 35-44! They look but don't officially 'like'.

As for the lukbeautifood website landing page - for the couple of days, there has been a bit of activity, mostly coming direct from ABN.

This is all very interesting but basically shows that it takes a lot of work to build numbers if you don't know much about this online world or don't have many connections (as you left the biz world for quite a while) or access to databases.

The key things I have learnt in the 6 months are:
1. You must have a presence in a multitude of active 'like-minded' membership sites such as business news or support networks, product/industry forums etc that can feed in prospects - the more the merrier. (either with membership &/or contributing & commenting, reviews on you /product etc)
2. You need to manage a multi-pronged / spaghetti like online presence of your brand - blog, website, FB page (with all the bells & whistles), You-Tube, slideshare, twitter...with mixed content - written words - short & sharp, long & learning, e-news updates, publications etc photo, videos, discussions you name it.
3. Need regular content
4. It takes time: to do & to build numbers.


Masey said...

Looks to me like you're absolutely getting the hang of it Cindy! Congrats again on the interview.

Good stuff!

Cindyluk said...

tx you :) x