Wednesday, July 6, 2011

luk beautifood brand graphics

It may be chilly outside but it's warm and cosy at my desk - perfect weather for playing around on my computer and finalising the look of my brand!

Morganna who use to work for me at Luken & May (oh dear - over a decade ago) is a freelance designer (& young mum) created the beautiful luk workmark / long before Ciara was born! I think it is very simple, beautiful & understated. Morganna also designed some gorgeous graphics with a seed and the seed shooting but i have put these aside for now as I pair back the brand and allow the essence - 'beauty from food' via photography to come to the forefront.

I have pulled together a few pages on the graphic element so you can see where my design thoughts are. I have applied this to the simple little website i am creating (another story) - I am very pleased with the results. It's really important to love what you are creating and feel good about it, in the beginning, you are the one that is promoting your product and business with all your heart (& time!). 

The thing I have to keep reminding myself with luk beautifood is to keep it simple & the establishment costs low by using what is at hand. Today, there is so much available online to make you look like a million dollars without costing a cent. I have used a little dash as a design graphic because it is in any program (online web design, ppt, word, etc) and i can use this design feature easily in what ever collateral I create. As the brand grows the graphics can evolve to keep it fresh. I know i am probably breaking branding rules - but who cares, it is mine and its quick & easy!

This is the link to the Brand graphics document {} and below are a few ppt jpegs which of course are ©  COPYRIGHT to my company Luken & Co. Pty Ltd. Morganna can be contacted on

Love to hear what you think. 
(BTW - luk from luken has umlauts (little dots above the u) because my family name is German - Hi dad!)


Kristin said...

simple, sophisticated, contemporary ... lovely!

Julia Bickerstaff said...

Very elegant. I'm loving your blg Cindy, so fun to read the thoughts behind your business.

Cindyluk said...

Glad you like ladies. Amazing what you can do with a few hrs of child free time!