Thursday, July 7, 2011

creative juices flowing

This is week 1 of school hols and I have nothing organised for the kids as I am in mixed minds on how to handle it. The one gift i really want to give my children is to self-amuse or self play, my thinking is....if i have a pile of things set up for them then all i am doing is playing taxi driver and handing them activities on a plate.

So what has happened this week (corresponding with the cool gale force non out door weather) is I've got behind the camera and have been styling and taking pictures for luk. I had some great image grabs off Getty & iPhoto but when i started to cost was money i did not want to spend. My website needs a massive number of pics as there is a full foodie glossary included.

I set up in the dining room with morning sun streaming in, grabbed some props and just started shooting. We have a great Nikon with big lense so i can get in nice and close & get that fuzzy background look. With a computer sitting next to me I just took pics, down loaded, sorted, changed props and re-set up to get the right tones and just kept going. We have had music playing loud and amazingly the kids just played. Still don't know why it is working.

My first goal has been to get the landing page of my web site for looking half decent. I use Picasa by Google to sort all my pics, crop, re-size/shape and touch up. They are now linked in with Picnik so I can easily do more work to them there like for example rounding off the corners. I still can't believe that both these programs are free. All I have to do now is source the equivalent of Adobe Illustrator and i will be set!  Suggestions welcome please if you have free download software recommendations that will enable me to create and manipulate logo's, create simple brochures and flyers etc. BTW - I have a Mac and I am not adverse to paying but refuse to spend $1000's on an Adobe suite.

I have really enjoyed the last few days and know that that the next few weeks will be just as satisfying as i bring my brand to life via the camera.  These are few pics from 'behind the lense'.

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